The COVID Vaccine Facts for Nurses site is designed to provide you with critical information and expert perspectives about the safety, efficacy, and importance of vaccines—to help you make decisions for yourselves and inform and counsel both your patients and the communities you serve.

No matter what questions you have or how you prefer to learn about the COVID-19 vaccines, we have something for you.

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For Physicians & Nurses: Answers to COVID-19 Vaccination Questions

Developed in partnership with leading health organizations and Dr. Anthony Fauci, this new educational content from the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative is designed to help healthcare providers better understand and answer common questions about COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccine Training Modules

Explore the CDC's immunization education and training modules.

Guiding Principles for Nurses and the COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccines are critical to the control and prevention of infectious disease transmission. The following principles are key factors for nurses and other health care professionals to examine in consideration of immunization.

Language that Works to Improve Vaccine Acceptance

A communications cheat sheet for talking to your patients.

COVID-19 Vaccine Myth Busters

There’s a lot of information floating around about the COVID-19 vaccines. This blog weeds through some of the myths and provides the latest facts.

Reducing COVID-19 Racial Disparities

ANA is offering a free, complete 60-minute webinar, as well as six “Quick Videos” of key highlights.

Leading Nursing Organizations Partner to Launch COVID-19 Vaccine Information Campaign for Nurses

The American Nurses Association (ANA) along with 19 leading nursing and healthcare organizations joined together to announce a new vaccine education campaign: COVID Vaccine Facts for Nurses.


To explain to a diverse public how well the COVID-19 vaccines work, public officials need to explain the concepts of vaccine efficacy and vaccine effectiveness.

Webinar: Boosting Vaccine Confidence in Minority Populations

While enthusiasm to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is high among many, a significant number of people are reluctant to take the important step of getting the “shot in the arm.” Many factors have an impact on this reluctance, not the least of which include racial, cultural, and ethnic background and past experiences.

NYT Opinion: Racism Makes Me Question Everything. I Got the Vaccine Anyway

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